How To Maximise Space In A Small Bathroom

Utilising your space in a small bathroom can be challenging to master. After all, a comfortable bathroom needs at least 70cm in front of the WC and around 100cm in front of the bath to ensure it is easy to get in and out. However, just because you have a small bathroom doesn’t mean you have to suffer from bruised knees, and you don’t have to forsake having a bath either.

There are several cunning tricks to follow to ensure you make the most of your bathroom and make sure you have everything you need in a compact space.

Ways To Maximise Space In A Small Bathroom

The bath

  1. Look for an L-shaped bath

An L-shaped bath can be ideal to still provide plenty of room, even if your wall-to-wall length is minimal. Furthermore, an L-shaped bath offers a shower enclosure, with the help of smart screens, so that you don’t have to have a separate shower and bath ensemble.

  1. Add depth if the width is limited

Many manufacturers offer smaller bathtubs to suit a smaller space. However, to ensure they are still sumptuously comfortable and inviting after a long day, look for a small, but deep tub. Don’t be afraid to seek out freestanding options too.

The sink

  1. The illusion of space

A wall-mounted sink basin can free up the floor space, which gives the impression of a bigger bathroom. Similarly, a neat towel rail underneath or to the side can provide more space than a separate towel rail while being practical.

  1. Slim basins and cabinets

Alternatively, if your bathroom needs storage space, then a cabinet underneath can provide invaluable storage. To ensure you still have lots of space, look for slimline sinks with slim in-built cabinetry. In some cases, a corner unit may be more space-saving too.

The WC

  1. Wall-hung toilets

Again, you can free up floor space to provide the illusion of a bigger bathroom by utilising wall-hung toilets. The cistern can even be built behind the wall, depending on your bathroom set up, to provide a really minimalist design.

  1. Short projections

A short projection toilet naturally takes up less space, as does a slimmer, but taller cistern. With so many different models available; there are plenty of compact WCs to choose from.

The shower

  1. Frameless showers

If you want a freestanding shower in a small bathroom, then opt for a frameless design. These are ultra-stylish and create an open and inviting bathroom design.

  1. Sliding panel

Shower screens that swing will need ample space to be easily manoeuvred. However, sliding panels make shower access easy, without requiring space. Similarly, you can find concertina doors that can keep things compact. However, they may need more maintenance to prevent mildew build up.