What will bathrooms of the future look like?

The bathroom is one of those rooms you can’t help but spend time in, whether it’s while you’re getting ready for work or bathing the kids on an evening. And, while the style may have differed over the years, little about what you find in a bathroom has. Now, though, thanks to modern technology, bathrooms are changing. Here, we look at how.

Eco-friendly solutions

The environment, and limiting the damage humans are doing to it, is one of the top priorities for many people and bathroom designers are looking at ways they can play their part by making bathrooms more eco-friendly. An example of this is toilets with ‘save a flush’ adaptation, which not only saves water but saves you money by reducing water bills.


Toilets are changing in other ways too. You could, for example, find your next toilet varies the height of the seat based on who’s sitting on it. Alternatively, it may warm the seat if the bathroom temperature drops below a certain level. In the future, toilets could be used to help you keep an eye on your health too, with sensors allowing it to check kidney functions or for pregnancy.


Showers are a big issue when it comes to creating environmentally friendly bathrooms. The average length of a shower is eight minutes, yet we spend almost two of those waiting for the water to heat up. Water which is, literally, going down the drain. Many modern showers already allow you to save water using things like aerating shower heads. Going forward, however, showers will have built-in water recycling systems which clean and reuse water you’ve already bathed in.

Smart mirrors

The use of smart technology in the home, from virtual assistants to fridges that tell you when food will expire, is growing and its use in bathrooms is no exception. Going forward, we could be looking at ourselves in mirrors which not only show our reflection but tell us the date, time, and weather as well as when to stock up on toothpaste.