How to design a family bathroom

When it comes to designing your family bathroom getting it right is key to a happy and harmonious home. Which means thinking carefully about the choices you make when it comes to layout and design. We’ve worked with hundreds of families over the years. Here, are our five top tips for how to design a family bathroom that works for you.


You make sure the rest of your home is child-friendly but, beyond ensuring children can’t get into the medicine cabinet, you may not have given much thought on how to make your bathroom safer. Choose non-slip surfaces in baths and showers and avoid sharp edges. You could also use soft-close toilet seats or thermostatic showers, reducing the risk of scalding.

Bath vs Shower

When it comes to bathrooms, one size doesn’t fit all, which means you could be working with quite a small space. If you are, it might be tempting to go for just a shower. However, unless you’ve older children, this isn’t practical. Go for an L or D shaped bath instead, which has a shower over the tub but gives you more space at the shower end.

Shower choices

If you have enough space for a separate shower, choose non-slip tiles and make sure you have a handheld as well as a fixed showerhead, which will make keeping your children clean a lot easier.

Twin sinks

If you’ve enough space, twin sinks are another excellent option. Firstly, they mean more than one person can get ready at the same time without bumping into each other. Secondly, they offer additional counter and storage space.


When it comes to bathrooms, there are things you’ll need on a daily basis: toiletries, toys, toilet paper, towels and medicine. Work on the principle that there should be a place for everything, and everything should then be in its place by adding plenty of storage. The more organised your bathroom is, the less stressed you’ll be getting the kids ready for school in the morning or for bed at night.