Heated Towel Rails: A Mini Guide

There is nothing more comforting than a warm, fluffy towel after you step out of the shower, especially on a chilly morning. Heated towel rails give you the means to enjoy this luxury with no hassle. When it comes to picking one, there are a few things that you should consider;

Central Heating, Electricity, or Both?

You actually have a few choices when it comes to heating your towel rail. You can plumb it into your central heating, just like any other radiator. This means that it will go on and off in time with your central heating.

You can get an electric-only towel rail. These are completely safe and will operate on their own switch, so you can directly control when it comes on. This is an excellent choice if you still want warm towels on warm days when you might not need the central heating on.

If you want to have the ultimate level of control, you can choose a dual fuel towel heater. These run on your central heating but are also plugged into the mains. In winter you can leave it to run with the central heating. In the summer you can have it on when you want without heating the whole house.

Size Matters

Your heated towel rack is not only going to warm your towels but your whole bathroom. So remember to measure up your room and use a British Thermal Unit (BTU) calculator to pick the right sized heater to keep the entire room cosy.

Don’t forget, Yorkshire Trade Bathrooms Huddersfield also do a free home measurement service if you need help incorporating a heated towel rail into a new bathroom design.


There are a lot of different styles of towel rail so have a look around to find something that really appeals. It can be helpful to use a 3D design service as this will help you visualise how the towel rail will look in your space. At Yorkshire Trade Bathrooms Huddersfield, we can help you find the right heated towel rail and work out the perfect location for it in your bathroom alongside other bathroom fittings with our 3D design service.